Xcelente Marketing Group.


Evolution is a gradual change into one’s unique style.  We keep evolving to become your Hispanic marketing brain in our own unique style…
-We are SMART MARKETERS… because your ROI is the result of our strategic approach to your needs
-We are PROBLEM SOLVERS…   because we anticipate your headaches and provide creative and efficient solutions
-We are INTEGRATED MARKETING… because we are your one stop Hispanic marketing solution



Xcelente is a cross cultural full service Hispanic Marketing and Public Relations agency that specializes in helping clients successfully market their products and services to the Hispanic market.
We have the Hispanic market in our blood, our hearts… and your ROI in our mind.  That’s how we imprint the best of our Hispanic marketing expertise in every single project, yet delivering it with all our passion… 



Our Success Model: Because we strive to deliver unmatched products and services, we start by attracting and retaining top Hispanic marketers that allow us to become the best partners for our clients

  • Top Marketers
    • Marketing Know How
    • Strategic thinkers
    • Results driven
    • Successful  academic and professional backgrounds
    • Corporate experience
    • Wide range of industries knowledge
  • Hispanic Marketing Expertise
    • Hispanic know how
    • Bilingual and bicultural team
    • High involvement in the Latino community
    • Specialized in the various Latino sub-segments in the US
    • Experts in the various markets in Latin America


    • Client Partner Model
      • More than a vendor – A partner
      • Proactive
      • Flexibility
      • Competitive rates
      • Maximize clients investments



       Marketing Strategy Consulting
      Brand Image & Positioning
      Brand Architectures
      Marketing Strategy/Planning
      Hispanic Marketing Consulting
      Messaging Platform Development
      - Market Research
      Depth Interviews
      Focus Groups
      Projective Techniques
      Conjoint Analysis
      Blind Test
      Concept Testing
      U&A Studies
      Market Segmentation
      Positioning Research
      - Corporate Image
      Logo Development
      Slogan/Tagline Creation
      - Graphic Design & Photography
      - Collateral Material Development
      - Advertisement
      Media Planning/Media Buy
      TV Spots Production
      Radio Spots Production
      Print Design
      Outdoor Advertising
      Direct Mail
      - Multimedia and Web Production
      Video Production
      Multimedia Design and Production
      2d AND 3d Animation
      Web Design and Programming
      - Public Relations/Public Information
      Media Training
      Media Relations
      Crisis Communications
      Community Relations
      Events Planning
      - Guerrilla Marketing
      - Events and Sales Promotions
      - Trade Shows
      - Translation/Trascreation
      - Cross Cultural Workshops



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      It is all about helping our clients earn the trust, loyalty, and respect of the Hispanic Market through effective and unique Marketing strategies.  We offer you top nudge solutions in all areas of your marketing mix.

        • AT&T Broadcast (now Comcast)
        • CDOT/DUI Latino
        • Colon-Collawn
        • Commerce City
        • Cox
        • Denver Health
        • Denver Hispanic Chamber Education Foundation
        • Denver Preschool Program
        • Denver Visitors Bureau
        • Elitch Gardens
        • Fastracks (4A initiative)
        • Hallmark Channel
        • Land Title
        • Neil Mackenzie Photography
        • Prairie Gateway (2A initiative)
        • RYE Telephone Company (RTC)
        • Solera National Bank
        • Starz Encore
        • Travelex
        • VeriFone International
        • Virtual Money
        • Western Union/First Data
        • Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
        • Fastracks/West Corridor

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